Where should the old man go?

Modern society has many problems. Of course, 'an aging society' is the most serious problem among them. In 2021, the elderly surpassed the youth population in terms of population composition ratio. However, there is no space to cope with the growing elderly population. This project starts in a space for the elderly.

The target site is located in Musugol, Dobong-gu, which has a high proportion of the elderly population in Seoul. An old village with a 500-year history, it remains the only agricultural land at the foot of Bukhansan Mountain. It is a town that has not yet been developed into a greenbelt area.

Now in Musugol, there is not enough space for settlement. The elderly are socially isolated and prefer to meet frequently in everyday spaces. They can gain a sense of stability from frequent contact in this space and form a new community in various exchanges.

Experience constant relationships in a safe space. Multi-generation programs with elementary schools located nearby, regional exchanges, cultural/content classes, exercise and health, language education, etc. A variety of programs provide space for Active Senior programs.

In a space where the elderly can cheer for new lives after retirement and remember old villages, I hope that there will be a series of indirect and direct exchanges of senses.