Data Ark_임성규

Data Ark

Data usage has increased due to the development of information and communication technology and the fourth industrial revolution. As a result, increased carbon emissions are undergoing marine acidification and desertification. Data Ark is a marine data platform to improve this backgrounds.

Data centers consume a lot of energy. First of all. using deep ocean water for server cooling to desuce energy consumption. Secondarily, planning energy supply and demand based on hydrogen generation with low carbon emission. At last, marine CO2 reduction effects can be obtained during algae growth by combining algae form plants for biomass production for hydrogen production..

Since it is a basic condition of data center runnung 24 hours a day 365 days in year. Data center requires constant power generation through the generation of seawater temperature difference in addition to hydrogen power generation.

Data Arc is using a maximized eco-friendly of marine energy. It will responds to increasing number of data and servers . Data Ark presents the new direction of data centers through eco-friendly operation.